The Action Pack
What would happen if a small group of Napa locals brought their passion, talent, and collective experience together to produce some really fun events? What if that group was comprised of people who could not only appreciate a great party, but had the expertise necessary to produce one as well? What would happen if they all respected each other and their community?

What would happen? You'd get the Action Pack.

Action Pack is comprised of just over a dozen people who, for the most part, met and worked together during the inaugural BottleRock festival. Action Pack principals are owners of small local businesses who live, work, and play in Napa. Some are musicians. Some are visual artists. Some can cook and all like to eat! They are parents, supporters of local charities, and are involved in the community. Above all else they think that life is to be enjoyed!

Action Pack produces events that are just plain fun. The kind of events they themselves would attend and invite each other to. Events that are on the smaller side...some with a theme, some more eclectic...and all of them will further help Napa become recognized as a place that really knows how to have a good time. 

Come play with "The Pack"!

Who are "The Pack"? 
What started out as just a few quickly expanded as more friends wanted to be a part of Action Pack's new approach to event creation, design, and production. There are three managers and about a dozen members in the group and every member contributes a special talent. A unique background. A secret Ninja skill. 

Thea Witsil Kimi Baracco Dom Moreci
T Beller Sean Pakenham Jonny Tindall
Sean Dempsey John Bonick Dona Bonick
Laurie Nigliazzo Colin McCluskey Jay Jacobsen
Brian Cox David Alosi Juan Diaz

Want to join the Pack? Send an email - the group will be adding additional members soon.

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